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Zero Sum Game

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Mar 14, 2015 3:12 AM
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Sep 9, 2021 12:54 AM

Originally published @March 13, 2015

The one percent proudly present a global race to save the globe's races with all sorts of racist bitches in different places

Zero sum game - Fear of fun - all the same - blocking a better version of cinema fame whether it's oddly shopped to resemble a pen name or  probably got some issues

A damn shame

It's Man's Game - you know that it is! - -

A damn shame - you know that it is! - -

Days are the same, stuck in a never ending _ maze

Shaded by the palm trees packed tightly together we act likely to mess up routes  sadly dismembered

Kill the sender - not the messenger - suspend the message if it's empty, no need for pretenders here!

We want reality, remember my dear it's not the best of the fears that keeps us in ever clear, in fact alcohol don't do it either, let's move away from stupid meters that don't measure shit but our ability to feed the feeders of media - a feeding frenzy every day that a cheater gets off with cheating a - liar gets off with lying - I wanna piece of ya - beat their mother fucking heads in, it won't make a difference but you'll feel much better than the one who resolved it in a calm and collected end...right?

Go ahead, just pop that Excedrin, you'll feel much better than the tentative jock who accepted his obstacles with hardly a sedative, partly because of an upbringing he peddled unsuccessfully in -

The beats is in cahoots, insurmountable, the voices in the roots; an animal approaches you 🐅


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