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I build stuff for myself in Notion, Airtable, & more, and then share it with you 🤗

Personal Growth Dashboard

If you’re a Notion-lover who wants to level up as a human, you can hardly do better than this system. 😉

I borrowed it from Adam French who based on the 12-Week Year framework.

But I renamed it to “Personal Growth Dashboard” because that’s exactly where I’m seeing the most results from its use!

I’m building awesome habits like mindfulness, gratitude, and writing. I’m reflecting on my mistakes/lessons much more insightfully, and building better relationships and healing internal struggles.

It’s truly an awesome system 👌

Productivity-wise, when used in conjunction with Sunsama or similar, it can also really help you “get more done in 12 weeks than most people do in 12 months” like the 12-Week Year promises.

Anyway, I use this every single day and it’s helped me become more mindful and strategic, in addition to increasing my overall productivity.

Highly recommend it! Get it here


Grocery System


I have built this with the help of my wife & friends who have lived with us, over months of shopping for our favorite items, and now we’re sharing it with you!

🤹‍♂️ Over 140 Items and counting

At the time of this writing, there are 146 of the most common grocery items in this template! We’ll keep adding new ones as needed.

🗂️ Categorized Intuitively

We’ve organized everything by department (produce, dairy, bakery, meats, frozen, bulk, pharmacy, main aisles, cash register & more), as well as the stores that we prefer to buy from. Of course, you’ll customize this — but hopefully it’s a helpful start.

🔭 Multiple Views

Quickly switch between different views if you’re shopping at a specific store, planning from your computer, or doing bulk work!

🗒️ Notes

Add custom notes for yourself to remember, or to make sure your partner/roommate gets the right thing!

Content Marketing System


Plan & create SEO-focused content with:

Keyword research

  • Log keyword data like search volume and difficulty
  • Create topic clusters, and see which ones are most valuable to produce
  • Link optimization reports from Clearscope/Semrush/etc.
  • Connect data to the content you’ll be creating to rank for those terms
  • Once the content is ranking, monitor its rank

Content funnel

  • Come up with content ideas of all kinds—from Ultimate Guides to blog posts to podcasts and more—and prioritize them according to keyword data, brand relevance, and preference
  • Make sure titles are within 60 characters (or as close as possible) to fit on Google SERP
  • Pull keyword data directly into content pages for easy viewing and to stay aligned
  • Identify
  • Assign writers by sharing each page with them (make sure to also share the full Keyword research page so they can see the data)
  • Set deadlines and move pieces through the funnel
  • Link to published pieces for record-keeping

Freelancer management

  • Manage creators across any trade—writing, graphic design, video & more
  • Track who’s created which pieces of content
  • Test out new creators by assigning them a piece of content
  • Give creators ownership over entire categories

In the future…

Depending on how well this template does, I’d love to expand it — there’s a lot of room for improvement in terms of managing content distribution, internal linking, backlinking, etc. There’s also a huge opportunity to automate much of the process using Zapier/Notion API.

Donations go to supporting the development of this template! 🙏

And, if you’d like to add to the template itself, email me!

Agency Production Management System

We built PubLoft (marketing for startups) to $300,000/year using only Airtable, Zapier, Typeform, and Weebly.

The biggest advice I can give anyone building a business on Airtable: start small, but separate every variable into its own table. For example, we started by describing the assignment “type” as simple text, until we decided to create a table for Deliverables to organize our offerings and pass pricing information through Zapier.

Since July 2018, PubLoft’s freelance content strategists, writers, and editors have used a Weebly portal with embedded Typeforms + Airtables to create, claim, and submit assignments in/out of our system.

Our Zapier automation glues everything together, from initial client requests to finalized pieces sent for approval.

Request a custom template

and let me know what you’d like :)


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