Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.Hey, hola, xin chào, marhaba, salut! I’m Jérémy Chevallier.

Hey, hola, xin chào, marhaba, salut! I’m Jérémy Chevallier.


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A little about me

I was born in Phoenix, AZ to French immigrants and grew up speaking French at home. Je suis bilingue and I learned English at school. I love languages, if you couldn’t tell by the title of this website! I’m slowly but surely learning Spanish and Vietnamese. 👀 

I am a man of side projects:

I love playing soccer, tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, hooverball, volleyball… as well as rock climbing, roller blading, skiing, surfing, and parkour! PARKOUR!


I’m hugely passionate about making an impact in the world, achieving massive potential, and being unique along the way 🤪 check out the

I’m working on and reach out if anything’s interesting to you!

🧑🏼‍💻 Consulting

I partner with mission-driven founders on…

Product design

Validating product-market-channel-model fit is first-priority for any innovative startup. You can’t have a meaningful business until you have this.

Designing an amazing user experience (product & customer success) is critical to building a reputation that precedes you. Think about your favorite tech products & companies: they probably have a beautiful, effortless product and world-class customer success people.

I love to design frictionless UX/UI that turns free users into paying customers, and paying customers into raving evangelists.



Career Crash
Career Crash
, and
: Let’s talk about building the right product in timeless way.

SEO & content marketing

Previously, I cofounded

 and have helped dozens of companies rank on Google & attract volumes of relevant organic traffic to their sites.

While we’ve since closed the agency, I personally continue to offer this skillset on a consulting basis.

I develop content strategy with your help, then run a vetting process to find the ideal content creator(s) based on your budget + onboard them to work directly w/ you. Then it’s off to the races! I oversee the process, create SEO reports from time to time, and work with your tech person to optimize everything.

I consult on content strategy & tap into PubLoft’s still-growing database of thousands of high quality content creators across all industries.


Join 20+ happy

clients, and
Pigeon Loans
Pigeon Loans
: Let’s talk about creating a stronger signal and building your authority.

Operations & customer success

Humans shouldn’t be tracking & entering data, emailing DOCXs internally, or reminding each other passwords. Companies succeed far more when they get their operational shit together. Fewer errors, faster execution, and happier people.


This is how

grew from $0 – $24K/month in just 7 months with only 2 employees and a few contractors. Let’s talk about organizing & optimizing your operations.

🔬 Business ventures

I’m constantly building & iterating on ideas that I think have potential for incredible impact in the world. I prefer cofounding over solo-founding — hit me up if you’re a growth expert or technical!

And if you have your own project in mind and you’re looking for a product/ops cofounder, please

. I’d love to jam.

On a high level, everything I do revolves around helping people experience joy and freedom. Every human deserves inner peace and freedom from anxiety, depression, and other avoidable mental health afflictions.

Specifically, I’m impacting this via:

Helping people break into meaningful careers

Stable, meaningful careers lead to healthier minds, happier people, and more productivity overall. Purpose and productivity are essential for feeling satisfaction in our lives!

The best careers are multicolored, and I’m here to help people build an amazing one around your unique combination of skills, interests, and style.

That’s the gist of

, and the foundation for my coaching through
Inspiring Careers
/ CareerOS as well as the platform I’m prototyping called
Side door
Side door

Redesigning how people learn

Through my work with

, I’m critically rethinking how we deliver information to college students in an effort to reduce the desire for cheating and create more educated individuals.

In addition,

is built on a core of bridging the learning/doing gap as well as the school/job gap.

Enabling all kinds of social impact

Entrepreneurship and innovation for their own sakes are nice, but the world is hurting. There are at least a billion people out there who would consider their prayers answered if they could trade places with YOU, right now.

How can we change this? We can build an


🖼️  Art & music

I write & create art, music, and useful templates for things like buying groceries, building your career, and publishing your own website like mine!

I also create album artwork & supporting graphics for musicians I’m inspired by! This is a revenue share model, no up-front cost to artists.

if you’d like:

  • Album artwork / graphic design / marketing support
  • Songwriting & composition
  • My voice, piano, or Logic Pro recording / production

💬 Things people say about me

I’m so fortunate to have worked with some amazing people throughout my career so far. Here are a few of their



Adam French, ∞-time collaborator in

, and more “Jérémy has made such an incredible growth and transition from designer to a CMO level marketer. His intuition for user experience in both the product and marketing contexts when paired with his keen business sense makes for an invaluable team member. I keep looking for ways we could potentially work together, because his human touch allows ideas to flow freely and compound on each other. It’s also worth noting that this man has taught me about almost all of the digital tools I find invaluable today. He could probably start a consulting service where all he does is teach people how to set up knowledge bases and no-code automation. He’s somehow a jack of all trades AND a master marketer. I’m blessed to be one of his peers and mentees.”


Shelley Masini,

student, freelance writer at “Jérémy has been an amazing mentor through GigLoft. He brings an innate sense of the freelance world to his teachings, as well as a welcomed dose of humanity and compassion. He understands content strategy, marketing, writing...AND the importance of bringing value to everyone with whom he interacts. He sincerely wants you to succeed and make your dreams come true...and he puts 100% of his energy, expertise, and empathy behind you. With him, I went from knowing nothing about freelance writing to having paying clients, within just a couple months. I've learned so much from Jérémy, and continue to as an alumna of GigLoft. Anyone who works with him will not only find the road to their dream becoming clearer, but have a fantastic time walking down that road!”


Amelia Bright-Yassin, marketing manager at the West End Well “Jeremy's breadth of skill and innate creativity has produced outstanding design. He is a pleasure to work with; professional and patient as we developed the concept, responding to questions promptly, and contributing solid ideas and new angles throughout the creative process. We couldn't be more thrilled with the final product.”


Joey Gutos, lead singer & marketing manager,

“I have worked extensively with Jeremy not only for personal branding projects but with my musical collective team as well. He is always passionate about his process and holds himself to the highest standard in delivering a product that speaks for a brand. His work ethic is commendable and he is honest throughout his process not only with himself but with his clients. I see a bright future for Jeremy and have already recommended his work to a number of colleagues and plan to do so going into the future.”


Steve Clawson, senior PR manager at

“I had the opportunity to work with Jérémy during his time at Moses Inc. He impressed me right from the start. He had only been at Moses for a short time when he was asked to help with a major agency proposal that needed to be finished quickly. Jérémy was the ultimate team player and stayed with us working on the project until it was finally finished around 10 p.m. He handled every challenge that was given to him during that time and made sure everything was done the right way. Throughout his time at Moses, Jérémy always had a great attitude and handled every assignment with a smile on his face and a willingness to learn and do whatever it took to be successful. If you’re looking for a quality addition to your team, I highly recommend Jérémy Chevallier.”

Current Projects

– building inspiring careers together

– mapping the landscape of social impact

– discovering & sharing




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