Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.Hey, hola, xin chào, marhaba, salut! I’m Jérémy Chevallier.

Hey, hola, xin chào, marhaba, salut! I’m Jérémy Chevallier.


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📝 Writing

I write things here and there. 😊 Here are a few recent ones:


On setting boundaries with work
For under-appreciated over-deliverers
My Zone of Genius
Reflecting on where I fit in
Let’s focus on Impact Metrics, not just “industries”
Start INSPIRING people
Where’s the Tesla of home appliances?
A request for innovation
The School-Then-Career Fallacy
Why are they separate?
A powerful hack for inner happiness
Triggering tearful gratitude

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🧑🏼‍💻 Projects

I’m a man of many projects. Here are the active ones:


I partner with mission-driven founders on product design, SEO content marketing, and more. Check out

services for more details.

🖼️  Art & music

I write & create art, music, and useful templates for things like buying groceries, building your career, and publishing your own website like mine.

Here’s some recent stuff:


🧰 Templates

I build stuff for myself in Notion, Airtable, & more, and then share it with you, including…

& more!

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