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I am a man of many interests. Here’s what I’m up to these days!


EdTech closing the skills gap in college grads
Impact Alliance
A space for growth for impact-driven leaders
Pigeon Loans
A platform for loans with friends & family
Inspiring Careers
Private fulfillment coaching with unique tools
A Consciousness Rising
A community of love, spirituality, and self-discovery
Higher Self Friendly
Helping LGBTQ+ & allies explore their higher selves
Earth Rides
Rideshare that’s always electric.
Side projects
Eclectic Mix Lists
A rotating weekly friends playlist + several Spotify playlists that ACTUALLY defy genre … unlike the ones that (say they do)
Little Big Details
re/tweeting #littlebigdetails in SaaS
Side door
The networking & skill-building tool that will help anyone break into a new career
Making law simple again!
Productized content marketing services for startups
Virtual school for aspiring full-time freelancers
Crowdsourcing urban design feedback
Career Crash
Video pitching software for ambitious job hunters
Ama La Vida
Career, Health, Life and Leadership Coaching
Conscious Creative
Full-stack creative agency focused on social impact ventures
Boys & Girls Clubs
For 18 months I ran the Big Gym of the Grant Woods branch (BGCEV). I had an absolute blast planting seeds of confidence, generosity, and empathy while learning just as much from all my kids. To this date, it has been my most memorable and fulfilling work experience. And it paid the least. 😊

👉 Future possibilities & business ventures

I’m constantly building & iterating on ideas that I think have potential for incredible impact in the world. I prefer cofounding over solo-founding — hit me up if you’re a growth expert or technical!

And if you have your own project in mind and you’re looking for a product/ops cofounder, please

. I’d love to jam.

On a high level, everything I do revolves around helping people experience joy and freedom. Every human deserves inner peace and freedom from anxiety, depression, and other avoidable mental health afflictions.

Specifically, I’m impacting this via:

Helping people break into meaningful careers

Stable, meaningful careers lead to healthier minds, happier people, and more productivity overall. Purpose and productivity are essential for feeling satisfaction in our lives!

The best careers are multicolored, and I’m here to help people build an amazing one around your unique combination of skills, interests, and style.

That’s the gist of

, and the foundation for my coaching through
Inspiring Careers
/ CareerOS as well as the platform I’m prototyping called
Side door
Side door

Redesigning how people learn

Through my work with , I’m critically rethinking how we deliver information to college students in an effort to reduce the desire for cheating and create more educated individuals.

In addition,

is built on a core of bridging the learning/doing gap as well as the school/job gap.

Enabling all kinds of social impact

Entrepreneurship and innovation for their own sakes are nice, but the world is hurting. There are at least a billion people out there who would consider their prayers answered if they could trade places with YOU, right now.

How can we change this? We can build an


Working together

If you dig this, let’s




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