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Aldgate Patterns - a love story

Originally published @June 28, 2013


started way below the surface,

It's like I'm making it up as I go, walking down the street with my head low,

Holding a furry hand bigger than mine, my imaginary buddy's mimes entertain me,

I can't contain my love, I'm love blind, I don't love myself but I leave that thought behind me.

patterns and patterns and patterns and patterns,

I'm the mad hatter, stuck in my mad crazy world, and I feel like i need a titanium girl

Someone so deep to me, I just couldnt explain how hard it'd really be for me to keep up with her brain,

When I'm lost in her thought process, I'm offset

I tell myself I got this, but then I realize I ain't got shit

She's so strong, I thought, "not this" before really understanding her and her silent qualms

She keeps me on my feet, moving on, keeps me calm,

Keeps me going all day, and all night long, I feel like I'm on -

top of the world now, watch the world unfurl now,


patterns and patterns and patterns and patterns,

I'm the mad hatter, stuck in my mad crazy knots, but I feel like I’ve faded from you and your thoughts

something doesn’t add up - how’d we get so fed up? what are we missing that’ll help us both let up?

is it an age disconnect? I feel a bit older. I can’t help but try to share my old soul with my soldier.

please try to understand - life goes on - and we just have to lead with our hearts, it knows what it wants

let's surrender to our instincts - we know not how to guide our feelings, and if we do, they're often all wrong - after all, our thoughts were in on it all along ! whispering a sad song

I’m addressing you, my love, from the bottom of my heart. I want this to work, and if we step back it’s always a good start

insanity is repetitive trial and error, expecting different results each time

My advice is taking this time to grow within our own lives.

I think you think I just want to be with someone else.

Try not to worry, baby. Remember you’re my person. If that helps.