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On Playing Long Games

It should feel good
Sep 2, 2021 4:37 AM
Last updated
Sep 25, 2022 5:41 AM
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    What is the Inspiring Careers long game? And how do I want to feel working on it day-to-day?

    Rob Hardy of Ungated left me with this today at the end of our podcast-interview-turned-therapy-session-for-Jérémy.

    I needed it.

    For the last 8-ish weeks, I’ve been over-emphasizing “how does it make money.” Stressing, hard. Because I have been fixated on finding the business model, I’d lost the forest for the trees.

    My first conversation today, with Taylor Whitney Johnson, expanded on all the possibilities and reminded me that money can be a distraction. (But that didn’t really settle until talking to Rob later.) In between the two, I scrambled to get some “work” done and then had my Impact Clarity session with Adam. He helped me remember that I have been learning and moving the needle, even when it feels like I haven’t. He also reminded me that widespread impact takes a long time and starts with impact on an individual basis.

    Today went from existential crisis to completely at-peace with my work situation, feeling fully reconnected to what truly matters—doing things that feel good.

    Day to day, I know what feels good about working on projects like Inspiring Careers. The potential for impact is amazing, but day-to-day I enjoy

    • creating the “things” themselves—and when they’re made with intention for someone else, involving them in the process
    • inspiring people through conversation (“coaching”)
    • working closely with collaborators to move the ball down the court faster

    And the long game for Inspiring Careers?

    From a product perspective, probably still a software platform (see: toolkit). But I don’t actually know, and I’m excited to find out!

    Impact wise, I’m more confident than ever that it will unlock people’s relationship to their work and play—because that’s really what’s happening to me personally right now. I am reconnecting with this mission and vision in a whole new way.

    And about making money?

    We’ll see. Let’s just play with it for now. 😇

    Originally published @September 1, 2021



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