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Speaking & Coaching

Because I love teaching and helping others succeed, I give talks & coach on every area of specific knowledge I possess.

If you’d like to explore working together on any of these areas, I’d love to meet you! Please


👨🏼‍🎨 Careers

The most fulfilling careers are “multicolored”—they span all forms of employment, allowing us to exercise our skills and passions in various ways. As I continue to explore what’s possible in my career, I love helping others discover and do things that make them come alive as well.

I’m currently offering free discovery sessions. I’d love to meet you!

Throughout my time at

I absorbed an astounding amount of what I call “Morehousian” principles of career-building: value creation, learning out loud, being your own credential, and pitching offers.

I call these “Morehousian” principles after Crash’s Founder and CEO, Isaac Morehouse, whose 10+ year track record launching careers and building thought leadership on the subject matter leave no doubt as to his expertise on the subject. Everything I know about “crashing your career” comes directly from him.

The five years I spent freelancing and building

made me the perfect teacher to
students navigating their freelance journey, and I continue to practice that craft today.


Shelley Masini,

student, freelance writer at “Jérémy has been an amazing mentor through GigLoft. He brings an innate sense of the freelance world to his teachings, as well as a welcomed dose of humanity and compassion. He understands content strategy, marketing, writing...AND the importance of bringing value to everyone with whom he interacts. He sincerely wants you to succeed and make your dreams come true...and he puts 100% of his energy, expertise, and empathy behind you. With him, I went from knowing nothing about freelance writing to having paying clients, within just a couple months. I've learned so much from Jérémy, and continue to as an alumna of GigLoft. Anyone who works with him will not only find the road to their dream becoming clearer, but have a fantastic time walking down that road!”

💻 No-code app building

I love helping nontechnical founders save thousands on development costs by building no-code app prototypes first. It’s how we built the entire

ecosystem, and scaled
to $24K MRR in just 7 months.

I’ve gathered deep knowledge on many no-code tools in the process:


Adam French, ∞-time collaborator in

, and more “Jérémy has made such an incredible growth and transition from designer to a CMO level marketer. His intuition for user experience in both the product and marketing contexts when paired with his keen business sense makes for an invaluable team member. I keep looking for ways we could potentially work together, because his human touch allows ideas to flow freely and compound on each other. It’s also worth noting that this man has taught me about almost all of the digital tools I find invaluable today. He could probably start a consulting service where all he does is teach people how to set up knowledge bases and no-code automation. He’s somehow a jack of all trades AND a master marketer. I’m blessed to be one of his peers and mentees.”

⚽ Soccer coaching

I’ve played soccer my whole life, and love coaching it. I’ve indepdenently coached adults on my rec league teams, and I’ve coached Boys & Girls Clubs kids ranging from 5-18 years old. (Every age, every kid is a unique challenge! 😅)

👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏼 Relationship coaching

I’ve been happily married to my wife Elizabeth, an amazingly bright and talented wedding photographer here in Arizona, since early 2020—but our story begins many years before that, in 2013 to be precise. You can read some of our story on


We’re about as opposite of personalities as you can get: I’m loud, proud, and extraverted; she’s quiet, humble, and introverted. Our relationship and marriage has survived some of the most gut-wrenching lows imaginable, because we’ve always chosen each other.

We want to help other people overcome relationship issues and achieve the depth of love and commitment we’ve been able to build for ourselves.

🇫🇷 French language tutoring

Je suis bilingue grâce à mes parents ! Le français est ma langue maternelle, et j’adore aider les autres a l’apprendre.

I’m bilingual thanks to my parents! French is my first language, and I love helping others learn it too. (I’m active in the Toucan Slack community #learn-french channel.)

I’ve tutored privately and taught in a private French school (the school I studied at when I was a kid!). I developed a unique methodology for teaching languages that begins by the student learning the phrases and questions necessary to learn language itself.

If you’d like to explore working together on any of these areas, I’d love to meet you! Please





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