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Panther Spotted Downtown

Mar 21, 2022 6:28 PM
Last updated
Mar 21, 2022 6:33 PM

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    • Getting ready to go out on the town at what is (and isn’t) Cody Fitzgerald’s parents’ house
    • Brushing my hair in the bathroom mirror
    • Brushing my face hair
    • Wearing a large lion head, brushing the fur
    • Out on the town at picnic tables, hanging out with Mike A*
    • Michael H* by chance is sitting across from us and tries interacting. Mike A* ignores or rejects him angrily
    • A heavily muscled panther arrives and scares people
    • Tanya (musical friend from Spring Equinox @March 26, 2022) manhandles panther and gets it to run away (likely influenced by Security Guard risking his life to save incredibly unalarmed zoo visitors from a hippo video 😂)
    • Realize panther is on a very long leash held by mystical figure walking through the downtown, with another animal ??? on another leash

    Originally published @March 21, 2022




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