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Greener: A platform for regenerative community design

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Build a Greener society.

Welcome to Greener! A platform for anyone to live regeneratively.

Modern human civilization has been one of the worst things to happen to Mother Earth. But we don’t have to continue posing a threat to plant & animal life on Earth (ourselves included!). We can live harmoniously with nature and #regeneratesociety.

In order to live in harmony with nature, we have to emulate and enhance it. Everything in nature serves a purpose in the greater system, but human-made stuff is often single-use or doesn’t get reused.

It takes a simple, heartfelt commitment from each of us—a commitment to

, to
to reuse and repair things rather than throwing them away, to honor the Earth and its natural systems on which our society is built.

This website makes these steps more possible for you. Thank you for being here. 😌

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