Falling for you

Originally published Jan 21, 2021

Hey there, yeah, you beautiful soul

I’ve got something to tell you

I really hope I don’t make it weird

I just needed to tell you (the truth)

I’ve been falling for you x2

Falling for your radiant energy

Your pure joy and positivity

Baby it’s plain to see

Your presence is magical unfathomable to me

Our relationship doesn’t need to change for me to be happier

Whatever kind of love we embody is what I’m after

Nothing is as meaningful as what we have together

Cause I’m already in love with what we have together

Got to admit

The feeling I get is not one I’ll easily forget

Got to admit

I’m just falling for you

Falling for your radiant frequency

Your glowing soul’s pure energy

I do have one more thing to confess

Whether or not you do

I hope you’re falling for me too

Are you falling for me?


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