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Shifter album cover & brand design

Created date
April 13, 2016

About this set

When lead singer Jonathan Falasco approached me for help designing the Shifter debut album, I saw the opportunity to design an experience. (I also got an amazing friend out of it!)

Together we developed a custom logotype, the full album artwork, social media assets (product photography, advertising, written content), and the “Shifter Experience” as a whole.

Stepping into a Shifter show puts you face-to-face with a wide-eyed KevinTyrell (bass) until he leaps to the other end of the stage to shred the next measure in front of Jonathan Falasco (drums, lead vocals) belting a chorus and beating the life out of his faithful kit, together building a rugged road for Sam Forni’s exquisite guitar solos.

Powerful and raw, Shifter’s soulful lyrics tug at the heartstrings, and we strive to emulate that voice in written copy, design style, and photography.

Every piece of the puzzle is designed to remind you that these guys roll the dice and aren’t afraid to do their time.

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