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On triggers and equanimity

Oct 12, 2021 5:04 PM
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Dec 6, 2021 11:40 PM

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    I’m often triggered by things that don’t work as expected, or as efficiently as they should. I feel impatience well up within me and I find myself thinking, “why doesn’t this just work? Why is this this way?”

    In the further past, these moments have literally sapped away my motivation and perseverance, but as I’ve grown more mindful I’ve learned to release my idealism and focus on what’s truly important.

    Should things work better? Absolutely. Can I control them in this moment? Nope. And that’s okay. There are bigger things to worry about.

    How do you approach your triggers? Are you even aware of them?

    (Btw, this prompt comes from Mesh’s Conscious Connections program, in which I’m participating right now. Check it out if you’re a recruiter or otherwise interested in making the job hunting and recruiting world more human. 😌)

    Originally published Oct 12, 2021




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