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Abduction Recorded

Straight to your phone
Apr 17, 2022 3:41 PM
Last updated
Apr 17, 2022 3:56 PM

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    • I’m at Tuesday afternoon soccer at Kiwanis, reading my book while kind of “warming up” on the field
    • There’s a puddle on the field since last week, but this week it’s been sectioned off with caution tape and cones, and decorated with stones and swampy flora
    • The AZVN guys are trying to remove it—I tell them to leave it, we can just play around it, but they’re committed so I walk back to my bag to put my book away
    • Suddenly I hear a loud engine noise in the sky, like a plane landing or taking off directly overhead
    • I look up and see a massive rectangular metal ship of some kind, like a street sweeper but 50x larger
    • I scramble to get my phone and start recording a video of it
    • It swoops down past the field then loops around and comes directly for me—I duck underneath it as it lands on the field, still recording
    • The ship’s cargo bay opens and out come humanoid aliens instructing us to get in
    • I drop my phone as one of them comes for me and swing my water bottle at his face—upon contact it sort of explodes his head, which then deflated as his body crumbles
    • I do the same to another one, then start yelling at the AZVN guys to hit the aliens in the heads to kill them
    • The dream fades as we fight off the aliens. I wake up, and my instinct is to grab my phone so I can watch the video
    • I realize, what if this is the first step in recording dreams?! Some type of app/hardware that records whatever you record on your phone in your dream 🤯 

    Originally published @April 17, 2022




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