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The digital plague must end
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Why this is critical

You & I may not be prone to online scams, but elderly folks, low income earners, and foreigners are much more susceptible. When we see signs of a scam, we need to help protect them.

How to help end spam

Anytime you get a suspicious text message, simply copy & paste it to SPAM (772-6). You will get a reply that looks like this:


This helps cell carrier companies quickly learn new tactics that spammers are using, and show users a warning message—or block the senders completely.

A running tally of spam messages I receive

Dear BofA Customer, Your request for transferring $2255 to Linda Wright has been processed. Call +1(877)-206-0724 to report in case you didn't request this

Home Depot's Fall Give Away 💵

Hello, Jim's Nice to meet you, How was your day today

Can we go for an Vacation Quinn

Long time no see, have you been working well recently?

Hi, how are you doing? We haven't talked for a long time.

Hey ! What's your plan on this weekend .If you have time can you do shopping with me?

Hello, we are conducting a political survey today in Arizona. Share your opinion confidentially here:

BofA AIert: Your account was recentIy fIagged due to unusuaI activity. To restore fuII access pIease visit

How big is your house, I'm curious.

Are you a friend of Robert's?

Hey Jeremy, how are you doing?

Tomorrow is my birthday. Julia and I are going to buy food for the party today. Can you come to my birthday tomorrow?

United States Postal Service: Your package has the wrong forwarding address and has been temporarily suspended. Please reply to [ok] and take steps to reactivate it.

Dollar Tree is gathering data to better serve its communities. We'll pay you for your time if you can answer a few questions regarding your most recent experience.

Check out CVS. Hurry and apply for 100 bucks on us! Let’s make healthier happen together.

William, last time you told me you wanted to buy a brand new BMW 3 Series. What do you think

Jeremy thank you for being a CVS Customer! You have been selected to receive a free giftcard worth at least $100 for a 5 minute survey

The beautiful trader from a private equity agency, monthly income more than 9WUSD, click to private message.

feel the lust . well she plainly will after chewing this down

Extra JACKED thickenesss 😈 in only minutes

x Hi Mr Sean, my name is Annie and this is my number

You just sent a payment to Robert Amaya of $8.50 USD. If this is not you, review to cancel this payment before 4 hours:"" (PP-REF:#9U1M84)

Are you busy

Hi, Cary, what have you been up to? I‘m Shirley.

Hi, Samantha from Staffing Strong following up on my previous emails regarding your work preferences. I’d really appreciate 5 seconds of your time! Take Survey:

I'm Lisa. How are you, Mr. Steven?

Hello, Kevin, I’m Riya fashion designer

convince her to get on all fours with a massive johnson

how are you

Jérémy Chevallier: Hey,

Dear 0480[redacted]5053friend,Hey,

Hey! My baby feels better and he can hang out with me.

Your Apple account has detected unusual sign in, please verify and update immediately, or your account will be closed. Complete verification, please reply: Update! You can click the link in the text message to complete the verification. If verification is abandoned, the account will be deleted within 12 hours.

Hi DEBBIE, has the batch of instruments I ordered shipped yet?

My client needs a surgery

Hi Jeremy Let me know if you got this text.Thanks

Brian Bristol Founder Pigeon Loans

Hi JC)sC)my, let me know if you get this text.

Kaben Clauson

Excuse me, I'm Jenny, is this Mr. Robin's number?

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Keanu... Remember? This is Elliot! We were talking at Elliot's bday party and exchanged phone nos. im back in the area 4 a little bit if you want 2 truly meet up if you're not busy, r you up?

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Netflix: Please update your membership with us to continue watching.

Free Msg: Your bill is paid for March. Thanks, here's a little gift for you:


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