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Making Cold Introductions

When it helps, and when it hurts
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Sep 9, 2021 12:50 AM
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Sep 25, 2022 5:40 AM
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    As I work on Inspiring.Careers, I’ve realized that I should facilitate warm intros when I can, but not try to do the cold outreach on the job seeker’s behalf. This dampens the effect of impressiveness and adds a weird undertone of “unsolicited recruiter” 🙈

    Instead, for all future Inspiring.Careers applications, I’ll help find the hiring manager & their email, and formulate the outreach message, but I’ll have the applicant send the email directly if I don’t have a warm relationship.

    The hypothesis (to be validated) is:

    This will result in a greater response rate & likelihood of forming a relationship of some kind.

    Then, each applicant (aka member) contributes back their own warm relationships in the form of introductions. We all “pay it forward” to future applicants that we each are confident in.

    Believe in the person that’s reaching out? Facilitate an introduction. 😇

    It’s way more job-seeker-friendly, more aligned with the purpose of the tool, and therefore a more effortless & effective network-building system.


    Originally published @September 8, 2021


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