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Missing cofounders & collaboration

I’m way better w/ others
Sep 19, 2022 5:27 PM
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Sep 25, 2022 5:50 AM
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    As a founder “at heart,” it’s been easy for me to fall into the trap of only wanting to work on my own ventures—I want to have ownership and control in what I do.

    Recently I came up with the name

    as a way to feel more focus and direction in my current search for belonging at the intersection of sustainability regenerative practices and human fulfillment. I’m using this “search lab” concept to find a business model I want to go all-in on, and I know I’m on the right track—but today feels a bit overwhelming.

    I look at existing projects like RecycledCity and Recology, cities with mandatory composting like San Francisco, and my own larger-than-average home composting project, and I think:

    How do I make an impact at scale? How do I get a region like the Phoenix Metro Area to

    Here I am, thinking out loud.

    I do it by starting small. By learning how each component works, like composting. By identifying gaps to fill, problems to solve, areas to improve. By building relationships with community leaders, entrepreneurs, and policymakers. And by seeing from a birds-eye view how the system works, how the gaps can be most efficiently filled, and building something that fills them & accelerates the entire system forward.

    But something gets in my way, on days like today.

    I miss showing up to a space with collaborators—friends, really—with whom I am working to build a unique product & business model that solves a big, important problem in the world.

    On days like today, I get overwhelmed because of a lack of focus mixed with a desire to have a major positive impact on the world.

    On days like today, I need cofounders.

    Originally published @September 19, 2022



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