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Researching and experimenting with solutions to the problems caused by unsustainable civilization
Side projects

Backstory & intro

Most cities are terribly out of sync with nature and natural systems. 🏙 ≠ 🌳 We’ve lost touch with who we are and how we are meant to exist. I wrote about it in


This has led to systemic: • people issues (chronic illness & pain, anxiety, depression, feeling “lost” in life/career…) • societal issues (disconnection, supply chain fragility…) • planet issues (pollution, water shortages, loss of biodiversity…)

There are many potential solutions to these, and I can’t decide what is most important to work on. So I decided to start “Regenerative City Search Lab” (RegenCity for short) to identify and pursue a FIRST profitable business model, that will then enable us to pursue other product & service lines. My goal is to find & go all-in on that business model by the end of 2022. I’ll use this page as an ongoing “learn in public” document for this search lab.

Regardless of what products & services we decide to prototype, validate, and scale, the ultimate vision is to bring all of human civilization back into harmony with nature and with one another, both with and without the help of technology.

If you believe this is something important to work on, I‘d love to meet you. Thanks for reading and please

. 🙏 😌

Learning & working out loud:

Problems to solve

Solution buckets

  • Organic waste collection & composting
  • Community-supported agriculture (CSA) boxes
  • Regenerative agriculture/permaculture
  • Distributed food/energy/water production, and ownership of such systems
  • “Green” home & business systems – e.g. greywater & rainwater, smart irrigation
  • Community & abundance economy
  • Education & skill leverage-building


Fruit trees & gardens in every community:

Grant Opportunities
Microfarm Community: Memo for Investors & Partners
Garden Clients
Greener: A platform for regenerative community design
Idea: City trash billed by weight
Community Fruit Trees: Proposal for The Crossings HOA
RegenVentures – Angel Group/VC Firm for long-term profitable sustainability

Inspiring projects & companies

@September 15, 2022 I’m realizing RegenCity might be a “journey hub” + marketplace between… 

Homeowners and business owners who…

  • Care about the planet/resources & want to
    • conserve water — by installing greywater systems, rainwater collection, smart irrigation, etc.
    • minimize their waste footprint — by composting,
  • Crave food, water, and energy independence as well as community/local ties, and want to
    • grow more of their own food in private or community gardens
    • generate their own power independently or through community-owned systems

The owner-side platform is designed as a central hub for discovering and pursuing each piece of this puzzle: “Wherever you are in your journey”

Businesses & gov’t agencies that…

  • Install greywater systems, rainwater collection, smart irrigation, etc.
  • Intake green waste and compost industrially

Community leaders?

Originally published @September 13, 2022


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