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Career Crash

Career Crash

Video pitching software for ambitious job hunters
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    Joel Bein, colleague at
    Career Crash
    Career Crash
    “Jérémy is an awesome colleague and I have learned a lot from him about marketing and tech tools like Intercom. He has taken the time to give detailed instructions on how to engage this tool in its full capacity. With Crash we collaborated to build the Job Hunt Crash Course and during this process I always admired his big picture, design mindset, never afraid to think outside the box. He's also a fun guy to be around!”

    Funnily enough, my professional relationship with Crash started in growth marketing.

    It was September 2019, and my cofounder at

    had taken a step back from the business to recalibrate and stabilize himself through a full-time job. Because he’d always been the one to grow our company, I realized I was lacking the skillset necessary to keep bringing in new business myself. So, I subscribed to
    ’s self-serve plan and started learning growth marketing.

    As I was learning, I also started hunting for some clients on which to apply my newfound learning. We’d developed a partnership with Crash prior, and as luck would have it they were hiring a “Growth Hacker/Marketer/Wizard” right at that time! So, I pitched CEO Isaac on hiring me as a consultant to build out their growth experiments.

    Very soon after beginning, however, I noticed that the product was difficult to market and needed some love from a designer. Alongside my role as Director of Marketing, I began shaping the user onboarding experience in order to better acquaint myself with Crash’s target users.


    I found that there was one main issue: users were excited to pitch companies, but didn’t know which companies to pitch!

    We’d tell them to go look on job boards and directories, and then come back to Crash to create a pitch for them. But since we weren’t noticeably improving on the user experience, people ended up just using tools like Loom + Notion to create their pitches instead.


    What Crash needed—and what I hope to build with

    some day—was an integrated list of “pitchable companies.” Think of a job board for “design your own role” job listings at exciting companies.

    I prototyped this in Notion and called it


    Unfortunately the team as a whole didn’t adopt the idea, so we were never able to test it to its full potential. I believe that incorporating a “company directory” as the first step of this process would drastically increase the success of a platform like this, and I will test it one day as



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