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Virtual school for aspiring full-time freelancers


During our time at

, we realized there was an opportunity to teach the hundreds of freelancers aspiring to work with us. We built the entire GigLoft curriculum on no-code, which you can see live at

We envisioned a custom software product that would look like this:

My product vision for GigLoft
My product vision for GigLoft

Testimonials for GigLoft

Shelley Masini,
student, freelance writer at “Jérémy has been an amazing mentor through GigLoft. He brings an innate sense of the freelance world to his teachings, as well as a welcomed dose of humanity and compassion. He understands content strategy, marketing, writing...AND the importance of bringing value to everyone with whom he interacts. He sincerely wants you to succeed and make your dreams come true...and he puts 100% of his energy, expertise, and empathy behind you. With him, I went from knowing nothing about freelance writing to having paying clients, within just a couple months. I've learned so much from Jérémy, and continue to as an alumna of GigLoft. Anyone who works with him will not only find the road to their dream becoming clearer, but have a fantastic time walking down that road!”

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