Eliminating “I’d love to ____, but I need a job to pay my bills.”

Originally published Jan 25, 2021

Too many people tell me, “I’d love to freelance BUT I need a job so I can pay bills.” 

There is a stigma that freelancing ≠ steady work, financial security.

I don’t accept this.

People should not be forced into employment simply because it provides benefits or steady income. People should be able to get all the same financial security, health insurance, and retirement benefits and more from self-employment ventures.

When I left my full-time job in December 2020, I rediscovered just how much of a problem it can be to rebuild one’s own financial stability without a steady paycheck and benefits from an employer. During the last century, companies became the primary providers of biweekly paychecks and health/retirement benefits. This has created a powerful dependence and people have forgotten how to rely on themselves.

I’m on a mission to change that by helping millions of people build their own recurring paychecks, health insurance, and retirement benefits.

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