On Mission-Driven Work

Originally published Aug 13, 2021

An expansion on


A strong mission drives people.

That’s why I’m narrowing in on “purpose-driven” people as my target market for

, (and, subsequently, the companies they create, work at, consult for).

What are some objectively important missions to pursue right now, in 2021?


Creating a 100% sustainable human civilization in harmony with the Earth and its other occupants. So we can continue existing and doing everything else.

Mental health.

Every human feeling inner peace and strength, unburdened from anxiety, depression, and other results of childhood & adult traumas. World peace starts with inner peace.

Financial stability.

Creating a 100% sustainable economy in which every human is unburdened by debt and expense.

Learning & vocation.

Every human finding meaning in their work, and having the tools & environments to stay in flow during that work.


Every human feeling a sense of belonging, support, love, and uplifting from a group of close friends.

What else? What matters to you?


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