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A friend’s tutoring service
Joshua Smith, founder of
“I had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy when he was a layout editor in our curriculum department, but I got to know him better when I was his client for a logo design. Very quickly he made a couple impressions with me: the ease in which he collaborates with others and his creativity. Jeremy genuinely likes people. He wants to get to know you and learn why you want to do what you want to do. While he'll make suggestions during the creative process, he ultimately wants to make sure you're happy with his work as well as make sure that the design(s) he makes for you conveys everything you want down to every nuance. Not only does he conduct himself with a level of professionalism usually seen in much older people, he's also just a likable guy. I highly recommend him for any creative design project.”

Josh Smith was a coworker of mine at

where we worked in different departments. We became friends and one day he asked if I could help him design a brand for his tutoring service he was launching. Of course, I agreed. 😀

We started by exploring some basic shapes to represent structure and geometry. The client expressed a desire to communicate upward growth, so we explored that too.


We explored the idea of having the logotype resting on a coordinate plane, as well as some basic standalone icons for the brand.


Josh preferred to stick with a solid stroke arrow, so we explored options with and without coordinates, various angles at which to display the arrow, and a few letterform variations to better balance the type.


We finally touched upon a hybrid concept, falling back on the dotted arrow style.


Next, color choices seemed infinite, so we narrowed it down to feeling: blue to feel credible, and red for motivation.


The final color combination was chosen as seen below in a business card design:



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